Xpandium Coberon Ltd - Privacy Policy and General T&C

Coberon Chronos is committed to protecting your privacy and we understand that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits this website, www.coberonchronos.com (“Website”) and will only collect and use personal data in ways that are described here, and in a manner that is consistent with our obligations and your rights under the law.

Please read this Privacy Policy ("Policy") carefully and ensure that you understand it. Your acceptance of this Policy is deemed to occur upon your first use of this Website and/or registration, receiving job opportunities/offers, acceptance of job placement, or even receiving tailored / personalised services, and your are is required to read and accept this Policy when you register for an Account. If you do not accept and agree with this Policy, you must stop using this Website immediately.

1. Definitions and Interpretations

In this Policy the following terms shall have the following meaning: 

"Website": http://www.coberonchronos.com or http://coberonchronos.com

"Affected" or "Concerned" or "Subscriber": Any person visiting the www.coberonchronos.com website and will voluntarily provide information on the completed account / user registration or jobs alert or various contact forms. In addition, anyone who has access to, or attempts to use Coberon Chronos's services and products is involved, and when he or she signs up for the Coberon Chronos announcements, signs a contract with our company, sends it to Coberon Chronos or otherwise submits it, registers it in CoberonChronos or access data gets.

"Personal data": means any and all data that relates to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data. In this case, it means personal data that you give to Coberon Chronos via this website, registration and conducting business with us. This definition shall, where applicable, incorporate the definitions provided in the EU Regulation 2016/679 – the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”); 

"Cookie": means a small text file placed on your computer or device by this Website when you visit certain parts of Our Site and/or when you use certain features of Our Site.  

"User Account" or "Account": means an account required to access and/or use certain areas and features ofthis Website

2. About Us

This Website belongs to Coberon Consulting Ltd, a private limited company registered in England under the company number of 06217785, whose registered address is The Powerhouse, 6 Sancroft Street) hereinafter referred to as "Coberon Chronos Group" or "Coberon Chronos" or "We/Us". 

3. Our Activities

Coberon Chronos provides recruitment services for both local and international companies, employers in private sectors. Coberon Chronos's activities also include temporary staff hire-, placement, for such various organizations, and related counseling. Coberon Chronos handles personal information in connection with these services. Chronos receives and handle the personal information provided by the person on the Website or by sending via email primarily. 

4. Visiting The Website

You can visit and even register on this website on your choice and without providing us with any personal information. However, certain parts of our website may give you the opportunity and free option to provide name, contact details (telephone, email address) for jobs application, services you are interested in or on case you decide on submitting your personal details,  upload your CV or submit a contact form.

Our website may contain links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the content or data handling or privacy policies of those websites. Coberon Chronos reserves the right to modify its privacy policy any time without notice.

5. Scope of this Privacy Policy

The scope of this Privacy Policy applies to your use of our Website, and how we use your data when youregister with, appoint and engage with Coberon Chronos. The Policy applies to the data we process in the conduct of our business with you. Our Website may contain links to other websites. Please note that we have no control over how your data is collected, stored, or used by other websites and we advise you to check the privacy policies of any such websites before providing any data to them.

Furthermore, this Privacy Policy does not cover third parties' personal data - in particular advertisers, potentialemployees, intermediaries involved in the services. Coberon Chronos publishes the latest and revised policy on this Website.

6. Your Rights

As EU citizen, you have the following rights, which this Policy and the use of your personal data have been designed to uphold:

  • The right to be forgotten – i.e. the right to ask us to delete any personal data we hold about you (if you would like us to delete it, please contact us uby sending an emailt to unsubscribe@chronoscomsulting.com);
  • The right to restrict (i.e. prevent) the processing of your personal data;
  • The right to request to correct your data;
  • The right to object to us using your personal data for particular purposes;


7. Your Responsibilities

When provided, only provide your own personal information. Granting the data of other persons - in the absence of consent - is considered to be unlawful, which may have consequences as defined in specific legislation and/or immediate deletaion of registration, contact. In the event of misuse of other personal data, Coberon Chronos will assist the determining authorities to identify the infringement in order to identify the offender.

8. What Data Do We Collect?

Depending upon your use of this website during on voluntary registration or submitting a contact form  pursuant to engaging in recruitment and other services with us, we may (further) collect and process some more following personal and non-personal data:

a.) The natural identity of the person concerned (name, place and date of birth, citizenship, address, gender,  marital status);

b.) Data required for the contact concerned (home address, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail  address);

c.) Data on the level of education, other professional qualifications and language proficiency;

d.) Data relating to the previous employment relationships (job history), employment relationships,  professional career details (leave data);

e.) Demographic information such as post code, preferences and interests;

f.) Financial information such as bank account details; 

g.) Technical details (e.g.: personal / reference site IP address; web browser type and version; operating  system;  a list of URLs starting with a referring site, your activity on this website, and the site you exit);

h.) We may be requested to conduct historical, criminal, legal and financial searches, as requested;

  i.) Data required for providing services (job title, job description, reporting lines, required skills/qualifications; salary, payroll and benefits data or ranges; background and reference checks or such requirements; 

j.) company identifications and numbers (e.g.: seat / branch offices address, mailing address, telephone  number,  fax number, company registration number, VAT / EIN tax number, company representatives / firm  signatories, business contact details, including address, email telephone, position / job title; industry data,  professional associations; other information voluntarily provided to Coberon Chronos;
k.) website title and data automatically collected via cookies (please also see section xx on our use of Cookies;
l.) Government identification codes, number (e.g. personal tax ID, SS number, TAJ number, ID card, passport,  driver's licence, car licence document) concerned; 

m.) Other data provided by the person concerned in the curriculum vitae or otherwise; photograph;  immigration and eligibility to work data, work contact information;;
n.) Data on certain legal obligations (residence certificate, declarations, tax evasion statements, allowance  declarations, data services).


9. Adding Data

a.) Through Coberon Chronos's (online or offline) advertising: Chronos announces adverts on one or more  than one portals, and people are given their personal information in response to the advertisement.

b.) By Recommendation: If your data (such as your CV or contact details) is sent by a third party, the data will  be handled by  CoberonChronos, informing the person concerned (the data will be deleted by CoberonChronos  without consent and notice). 

c.)  Job Application received via email: Chronos retrieves data from the records that the data subject  specifically submits or sends for the purpose of seeking a job, in the knowledge of the receipt.

d.)  interviews: Coberon Chronos handles data captured during the interviews regardless of the nature of the  interview (phone, personally, video / call conference, skype conversation).

e.) By entering into a contract of employment or establishing a business relationship: Coberon Chronos  handles the most necessary data entered into with the concerned contractor for performance and payroll  performance and purposes.
f.) In addition, Coberon Chronos manages the personal data provided by the data subject as well as the  information that is generated during the work or business relationship between Coberon Chronos and the  person concerned (e.g. personal and work related data, health / medical and occupational aptitude certificates).

10. Recruitment Notice

Coberon Chronos manages and stores personal data, information to contact you via email or phone and primarily within 1 year for recruitment purposes and for legitime business purpose. The one year duration of data management is justified by the fact that within this period there may be a realistic chance of seeking and recommending a job for the person concerned. When that period is over, we keep the right to delete your data without notice, asking your consent for keeping your data unless you requested for deleting all your data previously.
You have the right to inform us to keep your data (including CV and personal data) in our database for specific period of time for future roles. 

We reserve the full rights to delete any site registration of yours and/or suspend any site login without any written or further notice.


11. Sharing Your Data

Subject to section 10. - if you are a job seeker and register an account with submitting / uploading a CV on this website or sending us your application via email, please note that we may share your details with relevant third parties who are prospective employers ("Clients") for recruitment service purposes who are seeking various talents for their open positions. During the interviews we inform you who we may share your CV and personal details with your consent.

 a.) Also, Coberon Chronos may be legally required to share certain data held by, which may include your personal data, for example, when we are involved in legal proceedings, where we are complying with legal obligations, a court order, or a governmental authority.

b) Coberon Chronos may compile statistics about the use of the Website including data on traffic, usage patterns, user numbers, and other information. All such data is anonymised and will not include any personally identifying data, or any anonymised data that can be combined with other data and used to identify you.

c) Coberon Chronosmay from time to time share such data with prospective partners, service suppliers. Data will only be shared and used within the bounds of the law.

d) Coberon Chronos may be legally required to share certain data held by Us, which may include your personal data, for example, where We are involved in legal proceedings, where We are complying with legal requirements, a court order, or a governmental authority.

12. How Do We Use Your Data?

The legal basis for data handling is the voluntary consent of the data subjects and, in the case of certain data processing, a legal provision. Coberon Chronos may inform the data subject on the date of the receipt of data that this Policy is governed by this Policy; In addition, Chronos makes this Policy available to those concerned.
When the data is entered, regardless of the way in which the data is collected, the data subject accepts this Policy too. Acceptance of this Policy is considered as a consent to the processing of data. This Policy is considered to be the information of the person concerned. If the person concerned enters into a legal relationship with Coberon Chronos or its affiliates, data management will also be governed by applicable law. The legal basis for data processing ordered by law or permitted by law is the provision of the law. If your personal data is processed on the basis of your consent, Chronos may treat the data without the specific consent of the person concerned and after the consent of the person concerned is withdrawn to meet the legal obligation of Coberon Chronos or the legitimate interest of Coberon Chronos or third party (if this interest is proportionate to limiting the right to the protection of personal data).
Coberon Chronos seeks to ensure that the following principles of data management are fully implemented:

- personal data is processed for a specific purpose;
- it complies with this purpose at all stages of data management, including the managed data circuit;
- the inclusion and management of personal data is fair and legitimate;
- the data are accurate, complete and timely;
- the rights of those concerned are properly enforced.

You have the right to delete your registered account, withdraw any consent to Coberon Chronos using your personal data at any time, and to request of complete deleting.  

We reserve the right to delete any site registration of yours and/or suspend any site login without any written or further notice.

13. The Purpose of Data Handling

The purpose of personal data management is to provide and develop the services of Coberon Chronos.

- Providing and managing access to the Website;

-       Providing option to upload or send CV; 

- Replying to emails, phone calls, texts received from Concerned;

Furthermore, Coberon Chronos handles the data of the data subject (s) primarily for one or more of the following purposes:

a. Identification of the company concerned, business contact with the person concerned; establish a businessrelationship with the person concerned;

b. Identification of the person concerned, contact with the person concerned. Exploring the relevantqualifications, skills and needs of the relevant employment relationship;

c. To look / offer for an appropriate job and job for the person concerned - taking into account his / her qualifications,skills and needs; 
d. Establish a relationship between the concerned and the potential employer; Creation of a relationshipbetweenthe person concerned and Coberon Chronos.
e. To promote the creation and maintenance of employment; Tracing and promoting the professional development of the person concerned;
f. Creation and maintenance of an employment relationship between the concerned and Coberon Chronos;
g. Compliance with legal obligations imposed on Coberon Chronos (eg declaration, reporting);
h. If the person concerned is not fit for the job, but his data are handled by Coberon Chronos, the purpose of the data management is to recommend a later job.
i. The purpose of data management is also to exercise the rights and obligations arising from the relationshipbetween Coberon Chronos and the person concerned.
j. The aim of managing the recorded technical data is to produce analyzes and statistics.
k.  If the person concerned subscribes to a newsletter and/or job alerts (opted-in) the purpose of the data management is
- to send a newsletter about Coberon Chronos's services
- to send job alerts may match the desired interest of the person or company 
The subscribed person may unsubscribe (or opt-out at anytime). The subscriber is explicitly contributing to the sending of newsletters and/or job alerts by subscribing, as newsletters  and/or job alerts present Coberon  Chronos's services and may be classified as adverts. Accordingly, the subscribers, by subscribing to the newsletter and/or job alerts, agree to allow them to send advertisements that only show the data manager's services. We reserve the right to delete any site registrationand/or suspend any site login without any written or further notice.


14. Location of Data Storage

Your registered data is stored in the EU territory, UK. Data management decisions are made by Coberon Chronos. Data security is very important, and to protect your data. We have been taken suitable measures to safeguard and secure data collected through.

15. Your Right To Withold Data

a.) You may access certain areas of the Website without providing any data at all. However, to use all or most of the options, functions available on, you may be required and volunteraly may submit or allow for the collection of certain data. You will be required to provide contact information upon registration and engagement of our services so that we can fullfil our obligation and service to you.

b) You may not accept, restrict the use of Cookies on the Website. 

16. How Can You Contact Us?

If you have any questions about the Website or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at cv@coberonchronos.com  or by post at The Powerhouse, 6 Sancroft Street, London, SE11 5UD. Please ensure that your query is clear, particularly if it is a request for information about the data Coberon Chronos holds about you (as under section 15, above).

You may also send us an email to unsubscribe@coberonchronos.com if you want to request us to delete your CV, your registration and all personal data. Such request is getting processed immediately after confirming the receipt of the email.


17. Cookies 

The Website or even your own browser which you use to visit the Website may place and access certain first party Cookies on your computer or device. First party Cookies may those placed directly by us and are used only by us. Any data may collected by cookies is always anonymous and will not identify our users in any way. We use cookies to facilitate and improve your experience of the Website and to provide and improve services. 


18 . Enforcement and government of the law

Those affected may complain to Coberon Chronos directly with their complaints and objections, who will do their utmost to eliminate and remedy possible infringements. Coberon Chronos examines the complaints submitted to it and informs the person concerned of his/her/its actions and actions taken. In case of data breach the person concerned has the right to inform the National Data Protection and Information Authority on the basis of the information on self-determination and freedom of information.

If Coberon Chronos's activities are beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, the law of the country of destination is appropriate, so that if the application of a law can be enforced, Coberon Chronos stipulates the application of law in the the United Kingdom. Your data is mainly managed in accordance with the Data Protection Law means (i) Directive 95/46/EC and, from 25 May 2018, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) together with applicable legislation implementing or supplementing the same or otherwise relating to the processing of Personal Data of natural persons, along with any binding and applicable Supervisory Authority requirements.


General Terms & Conditions

Information on this Website

This Website may contain links to third party websites, social media sites. Coberon Chronos is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those websites. However make every possible effort to ensure that the information on this Website is accurate including the partial or whole information is or may supplied by third parties via links but we are not able to check the accuracy or completeness of that information. We do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in any of the information on our Website or any liability in respect of information on the Website supplied by you, any other website user or any other person. Please note that all our clients, partners have agreed Coberon Chronos‘s Terms and Conditions and should they be found to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions, they will be prevented from using our services. 

Use of this Site

You may only use the Website for lawful purposes when seeking job/employment opportunities or help with your career while submitting/attaching/building your CV via email or directly by registration or contact forms. You must not under any circumstances seek to undermine the security of the Website or any information submitted to or available through it. In particular, but without limitation, you must not seek to access, alter or delete any information to which you do not have authorised access, seek to overload the system via spamming or flooding, take any action or use any device, routine or software to crash, delay, damage or otherwise interfere with the operation of the Website or attempt to decipher, disassemble or modify any of the software, coding or information comprised in the Website.

We reserve the right to delete any site registration of yours and/or suspend any site login without any written or further notice.

Legal Notice

Coberon Chronos Group authorizes you to view, print and copy information published on this website under condition that the material may be used internally only for informational and non-commercial purposes. Coberon Chronos and any brands, logos and corporate names are registered trademarks of Coberon Chronos Group of companies.


Change of Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions ("T&C") 

Coberon Chronos reserves the right to change its T&C or privacy policies any time without notice (even, if the law changes). Any changes will be immediately posted on this Website and you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Privacy Policy on your first use of this Website following the alterations. We recommend that you check this page regularly to be kept up-to-date.