Challenges of BREXIT

Monday, July 27, 2020

With deadlines for a comprehensive trade agreement between the EU and the UK have come and gone without a result, companies big and small now have to decide how to navigate the consequences of BREXIT. Let's face it: employees and employers cannot wait until 31 December to find out how to avoid business disruptions.

Companies with

  1. EU-based staff on UK employment contracts or
  2. UK-based staff on EU employment contracts

are facing particular challenges as a result. These solutions were commonplace and widely used by companies of all sizes. A number of our clients have had to change existing employees' contracts to avoid any last-minute complications. More often than not, this move may result in having to change some terms and conditions and therefore cannot be taken lightly.

Multi-year cross-border contracts for EOR services are another area where corporations have had to become vigilant. Brexit clauses often go hand in hand with COVID clauses in this "new normal" of 2020.

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