Temporary Staffing

Get the staffing solutions your organization needs.

Staffing solutions, such as temporary / contingent worker staffing to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services help companies achieve the resource size and complexity of the workforce planned year after year. Therefore, selecting and implementing the appropriate staffing solutions can be a challenging process for human resource procurement and sourcing. However, we offer flexible conditions with excellent labor law consultancy services for any staffing needs globally. Please contact us to discuss the country where you have staffing solutions needs.

With our dedicated staffing account managers you can get the latest service details and any question of yours can be replied within a day regardless of business type, size and law jurisdiction conditions.

Our solution set includes customized offerings for all delivery methods including: Staff Augmentation, Contract, Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Contract-to-Hire, W-2 and 1099 Payroll Services, 1099 Contractor Compliance & Conversion and Direct Placement.

Standard staffing service includes:
  • Staffing service agreement.
  • Full range of staffing and employment services (from recruitment to hiring and termination of employment)
  • Salary cost and service fee calculation (country specific)
  • Employment contract in local language
  • Full range of payrolling, sick-leave and maternity leave administration
  • Tax and social security return preparation (ongoing and year-end), filing and payments due to being employer-of-record
  • On-call support for your HR
Additional services:
  • Assistance in bonus, expense reimbursement, allowances and benefit calculations and forecasting
  • Providing monthly data for statistical reporting purposes (country specific)
  • Expatriate per-diem payroll administration
  • Cafeteria design, implementation and ongoing operation (country specific)
  • Ad-hoc consulting


You can save time and and money because:

  • We can source and find the employee for you. You decide on the best fit for your positions from a range of interviewed candidates
  • Temp staffing is the solution if you need a new employee but you haven't decided if it is a permanent associate or you don't have the permission to decide or even hire yet 
  • We take over all the employment duties
  • Reducing administration task of your company
    • Employee entry and redundancy
    • Labour contract on local language
    • Payroll based on timesheets and employment tax payment taken care of
    • Handling employee's administration
    • Up-to-date in Labor Law and Codes
    • Job certificates
    • Taken care of statistic data and reports
  • You can manage contingent employees as your own employees'


Why Coberon Chronos is your ideal partner for providing staffing service?

  • More than 18+ years of experience in the field of staffing service
  • Stable financial background and growing business references
  • Active candidate database and contacts for finding the right professionals for non-IT and IT positions as well
  • Well-organized processes from the service mapping to service contract signing and monthly payrolling
  • Multi-language contract is available for our clients and employees
  • We provide up-to-date information and country specific consultation about the Labor Code provisions and its application on the practical side. 
  • Coberon Chronos acts as the payroll processing agent as well, therefore our client is exempt of directly dealing with all payroll related administration, costs  report tasks. All payroll tasks become our responsibility,
  • Tailored, flexible and individual staffing service proposal
  • Dedicated account managers 

For a personalized service proposal for selected locations, please contact us today!