Talent Intelligence

Compensation Surveys
Our compensation surveys are very focused and provide fresh market data specifically tailored to the position that the client is interested in typically with the purpose of budgeting. We zoom in on the exact geography and relevant industry to select the target pool of companies which we then survey. The information we provide will detail all base and performance-based compensation as well as benefits so our clients have more targeted data than from generic statistical reports.

Competitor Mapping
Competitor Mapping services are used when companies are entering new markets, exploring new business models or restructuring. There is a need to map certain aspects of the client's competitors with the goal of providing up-to date, actionable data for our clients.

Talent mapping
Often prior to deciding about the talent needed, clients request a talent mapping exercise to find out more about the potentially available candidate pool in an area. This is an extensive study which will provide invaluable information to the strategic planning process of our clients.

Market entry and hiring strategies
We provide support with development of hiring strategies for executive teams in connection with entering new markets. We can add significant value during the decision-making process of senior management with regards to market entry strategies, budgeting, cross-cultural approach and talent selection processes in global markets.


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