Payroll and Employer of Record Services

If you are embarking on expanding in other states or country where you don’t have a local business entity to be able to hire employees in a compliant and legal manner you’ll need the EOR - Employer of Record and Payroll services handling everything for you. Such services allows you to fulfill all the requirements of each region's employee registration and withholding laws as well.

When you hire an EOR agency such as Coberon Chronos, we become your employees’ legal employer and takes on all related responsibilities, including dealing with employment contracts, payroll, insurances, allowances, however you are still the direct professional manager of the employees' daily work. Your company's full registration is not necessary in selected states or countries as the EOR hires your employees. Coberon Chronos EOR and Payroll services were designed to accommodate small or large employee counts for any length of time thanks to the most important on-boarding and other payroll processes being automated on Chronos Workflow Platform. Basically, the Employer of Record assumes responsibilities and liabilities for employment issues such as administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, and maintaining employee records.

We operate our own licensed business entities in these countries. Our local staff are in full compliance with regulations, speak local languages on a native level and can advise you on best practices when it comes to full cost of employment including payroll tax and social benefit costs. Your business will be handled by a dedicated Account Manager and an Account Team of tax, payroll and compliance professionals. Our local employees will enjoy an efficient onboarding process and you can rest assured that your workforce is being managed legally, professionally and in full compliance with local laws. EOR #countrypedia

Our Payroll Service:
Outsourcing your payroll is a convenient, confidential and cost effective option through our flexible payroll services. Employing qualified specialists and using tested methodology, we can ensure that your payroll will always comply with the latest statutory and legislative requirements. 
We will provide the information necessary to guarantee that your payments to employees and the relevant authorities to be in perfect order.

Standard services

  • Gross to Net calculations
  • Payslips distribution
  • Net Payment details provided
  • New joiners, on-going changes and leavers report preparation
  • Tax and social security return preparation (ongoing and year-end) and payable list
  • Sick-leave and maternity leave report preparation
  • Management reporting (payroll journal/ledger for accounting and finance - country specific)
  • On-call support for HR

Additional and Adds-On services

  • Assistance in salary and paycost forecasting
  • Expatriate per-diem payroll administration
  • Fridge benefit, cafeteria administration and payroll (country specific)
  • Tax and social security audit support
  • Ad-hoc consulting

Main service locations are:


Hungary Argentina Israel  
Czech Republic Brazil Turkey  
Estonia Costa Rica    
Germany Mexico    
Italy USA    
United Kingdom


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