Search & Selection

Over 17 years of global search and selection in some of the most challenging markets and conditions have taught us a thing or two about how to find the right talent for our clients. Our methodology is a combination of honed search expertise, streamlined and automated business processes and unique market experience. We carefully craft a customised search and selection action plan to suit your specific needs: no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches. A dedicated team of researchers and recruiters will be managed by an account manager. With our full range of hiring solutions, you are provided with the flexibility you need whether it is a success-only or a retained project.

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Payroll & professional EOR services

If your company embarking on expanding in a country where you don’t have a local business entity, then we provide your professional payroll services to be able to hire employees in a compliant and legal manner. We operate our own licensed business entities in these countries and our local staff is in full compliance with regulations, speak local languages on a native level and can advise you on best practices when it comes to full cost of employment including payroll tax and social benefit costs.

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Temporary Staffing

Coberon Chronos Group helps you to achieve the resource size and complexity of the workforce planned worldwide year after year. Selecting and implementing the appropriate staffing solutions can be a challenging process for human resource procurement and sourcing therefore we offer very flexible conditions with free labor law consultancy services for any staffing needs of yours globally. Please contact us to discuss the country specifics where you have staffing solutions needs.

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